1 x 0,6 m photographs, Alu Dibond direct transfer print
Two close-up photographs of flow lines in the sand of the currently largest Dune in Brandenburg. 
A speculative outlook onto the riverbed of the Spree in an unstable future.
"Dorian Gray" is a work within and with the Humboldt University Berlin project Anthroposcenes consisting of two site-specific installations in Raddusch, Spreewald in Brandenburg and at the Holzmarkt, Berlin as part of a group exhibition on the Spree river and its uncertain future. 
There is a radio interview and a newspaper article on our project (both in German).
The title is a reference to the Oscar Wilde novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" where the protagonist enjoys near-eternal youth on behalf of a portrait painting that decays and ages in lieu. In the end, Dorian beholds his own contorted face in the painting and the relationship is reversed: The former youth instantly ages and deceases and his portrait returns to youthful splendor. At the moment, the water sends playful ripples over the the flow lines in the sand. Yet it is a hint at what the future might hold for the river.
The work was developed according to the exhibition theme "Raddusch ohne Wasser?".

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