Ongoing Photography Series
Kako To? - How Come? alluding to Vojko V. In-between states, transition, the Liminal, the overlooked detail is what brings me to art to this day and what serves as a bracket for this growing collection of observations.
From the Balkans to Parking Garages and the forgotten faces of the Vesuvio. Balkan, a buzzword rather than a demarker of a geographical region. Not only by theorist Maria Todorova described as mythologized fringe.

Torn poster in Frankfurt, Germany.

Gasoline station in Morocco.

A parking spot demarker in Zagreb, Croatia.

Driveway of an abandoned hotel on the slope of the Vesuvio at Napels, Italy.

Anti-theft packaging in a store in Osijek, Croatia.

Garbage tied to a fence, Athens, Greece.

Housing in the mining town of Foča, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Entrance in Vienna, Austria.

Bike lane in Ljubaljana, Slovenia.

Hairdressers in Zagreb, Croatia.

Gynaecology unit at the hospital in Osijek, Croatia.

Drainage in Napels, Italy.

Housefront in Osijek, Croatia.

Bench in the Elsass, France.

Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.

Blanket in a backyard in Braga, Portugal.

Incidental reflection in Agadir, Morocco.

Cake Dispatch, Berlin.

Remnants of a New Year, Berlin.

Josip Broz, a Sticker Set for the Telegram Messenger Application
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